Progression: 33 weeks 4 days

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So since the day I got pregnant, I have lost a total of 10 pounds.  I have started gaining some of the weight back during the 3rd trimester because I was down almost 20 pounds in May.  Most people say they can see it mostly in my face.   I have not been trying to lose weight, but I honestly have not bee able to eat processed foods during my pregnancy and I have been a lot more active since we moved.  Baby has been consistently measuring in the 50th percentile the entire way 🙂  We still have no clue if it is a boy or girl and it is so exciting!  I do not have gestational diabetes and I passed the 3 hour glucose test.  But they still consider me high risk.  I don’t complain because it means I get to go to the dr office 2x a week for monitoring where they hook me up to the contraction and heartbeat monitors for 20 minutes or more and I just listen to my little one kick and squirm and it’s heartbeat.  Then I get to see them for a moment on the u/s when they measure the amniotic fluid.  

They will be inducing me on August 25th.  I am not going drug free for sure!  But we do kinda have a birth plan because I want immediate skin to skin and breast feeding along with delayed cord clamping.  But other than that, I am open to go with the flow.  

Pregnancy brain is a real thing!  I used to be so sharp and quick at work and in my home life, now I am like a teenager who smoked away too much hasheesh during homeroom.  Luckily, I am passing down all of my work to my maternity replacement in the next two weeks and I will be helping with training until the week before.  I am also getting much clumsier and walking for more than 10 minutes is out of the question.  Yes, I waddle.  Not because of how big I am, but because there is a baby sleeping on my cervix!  It makes you move much differently 🙂

The nursery is almost complete, kinda hard to decorate when you don’t know the gender, but we are just going to keep going with a modern cute theme.  I will post pics. 🙂


More Than a Baby Update {The Stirrings of My Tired Heart}


In the jumble of diaper blowouts and feedings every 2-3 hours…in the confusion of swaddle or no swaddle, schedule or no schedule…in the tears of long nights and in the multiple coffee cups of early mornings…my soul is stretching.

My tired heart is stirring with things old and things new, emotions welcome and emotions feared, worries voiced and unvoiced.

Abigail Nichelle arrived in all her screaming glory in early April – just as the springtime buds were making themselves known – and I realized then and there that I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. I don’t know how to be a mother. I don’t know a thing about diaper creams when it comes to my own crying baby or a notion about how to incorporate peace into 24-hour periods gone haywire. Days and nights blur together right now.

I love being a mother, but I’ve never been…

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As prepared as I was for IVF…..

Oh and by the way, I just realized that I will have a baby in my arms in exactly 3 months since they will be inducing me a week early. And I am not prepared at all………

“Do Yourself a Favor and Do This One Thing After You Give Birth”

An Article from HuffPo.  Link Below:


Last night, as I lay awake counting sheep (going through my photos on my phone), I came across a photo I took the day after I gave birth. It brought a tear to my eye, and this is why.

I can remember the day clearly.

I was still in the hospital. My hubby and mum had returned home for the afternoon to give bub and me some rest. It was the first time I was left alone with my brand new baby, and I was nervous. I can recall not sleeping at all. Instead I lay on the bed and looked at him with wide, amazed eyes through his plastic hospital crib.

I couldn’t believe he was mine. An actual real life baby that I had made. He had ten little fingers and ten little toes, two perfect ears and one little button nose. I was completely and utterly overwhelmed with emotion and love. I couldn’t believe what I had done over the last nine months (let alone the previous 24-36 hours) to bring this beautiful little man into the world. I wanted to cherish this moment forever.

So I took a photo.

Just one.

A photo from my line of sight directly into his cot. He was lying on his back, fast asleep. In my eyes he was beautiful. Perfect.


No one else knows the significance of this photo. No one knows how much emotion I had. No one knows the utterly overwhelming love I felt at that moment. This is why I captured it.

Time goes so quickly. My little man is now 7 months old. I have been so caught up in my journey as a new mum that I had largely forgotten those feelings from when he was born.

That is, until I saw this photo. And all that overwhelming emotion returned.

So do yourself a favor.

After you give birth to your baby, and as you look at them with wide, awestruck eyes through their crib, get out your camera and take a quick photo. You won’t regret it, and you will remember the moment forever.

21 weeks 2 days

I am 21 weeks and 2 days and I still feel like I have to force myself to eat 75% of the time. I don’t know if it is my hormones or something mentally with me because I have such a huge fear of gaining a lot of weight during this pregnancy but I know I have to gain some. OB appt was today and Baby is healthy and normal!  Growing right on track 🙂  I have lost 2 more pounds in 4 weeks which makes a total of 5 pounds in two months.  I didn’t even ask them to go back farther.  The doctor isn’t worried, but I am going to make sure what I do eat is either a protein, veggie or calcium.  Tbone steak and sweet potato for dinner? Sure! I’m so just glad the baby is healthy.  And we still haven’t found out the gender 🙂


19 weeks 3 days

18 weeks and 1 day

Still here!  Just super busy at work and in my personal life.  I keep meaning to sit down and write a meaningful and witty post, but life keeps getting in the way!  I got a big promotion at work, which is now on hold until July.  Had a HUGE flareup with our Landlords and found a new place to live.  We are moving in less than a month!  Had a panic attack due to the stress of it all and I had to start Zoloft.  I also started blood pressure medication a month ago.  Oh, and since we are moving, we are also switching our HMO hospital and I have to change all of our doctors including my OB.  

It’s still weird to remember that I am actually pregnant.  Almost half way to the birth day!  I haven’t felt any movement yet, I do have to pee a lot.  I HATE ALL FOOD pretty much.  No weird cravings, just all aversions.  I have lost 3 pounds in 3 weeks and have to force myself to eat.  I am not a tiny girl so it is weird to have to force myself to eat.  I do have a bump, and it is weird to have to remember to NOT suck in my stomach lol. 

I’m still going to do my best to wrong a long and thoughtful post, but I thought it would be more meaningful to give a quick update after so long  🙂



Infertility explained by cats

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