Baby’s First Modeling Session

Today, I am 12w0d pregnant and starting my 13th week.  The books and websites are split on whether or not I am in my 2nd trimester this week or next week, so I will just say next week 🙂
Since my ultrasound at the doctor wasn’t that clear, I booked an appt at a boutique ultrasound place. Only $39 for a 10 minute session w/ the heartbeat, a cd rom of all of the pictures and 4 printed pictures. The room was GORGEOUS and had seating for an entire family if you wanted with a 60 in flat screen tv on the wall to watch. Light and soft music and lighting. It was amazing. 

During the u/s we could CLEARLY see the baby moving about when she pressed on my tummy and when the tech wanted the baby to turn around, she jiggled my tummy and the baby started KICKING and moving up and down. It was simply magical and amazing. I actually felt like there is a person in there for the first time. I mean, i knew, but it made it so surreal and amazing. We are going back in 4 weeks for the 2D u/s with a 3D/4D peek.  22 weeks is when they start the detail 3D/4D pics 🙂 


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  1. NWChickie
    Feb 24, 2014 @ 21:45:34

    Wow! I had no idea that such places existed!! What an awesome find! Such a sweet pic! I love the little hand. Looks like all five fingers are there! Amazing how developed they are when they’re so small isn’t it! And how amazing that you saw some movement. Such a surreal feeling isn’t. Love love love. 🙂


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