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Baby’s First Modeling Session

Today, I am 12w0d pregnant and starting my 13th week.  The books and websites are split on whether or not I am in my 2nd trimester this week or next week, so I will just say next week 🙂
Since my ultrasound at the doctor wasn’t that clear, I booked an appt at a boutique ultrasound place. Only $39 for a 10 minute session w/ the heartbeat, a cd rom of all of the pictures and 4 printed pictures. The room was GORGEOUS and had seating for an entire family if you wanted with a 60 in flat screen tv on the wall to watch. Light and soft music and lighting. It was amazing. 

During the u/s we could CLEARLY see the baby moving about when she pressed on my tummy and when the tech wanted the baby to turn around, she jiggled my tummy and the baby started KICKING and moving up and down. It was simply magical and amazing. I actually felt like there is a person in there for the first time. I mean, i knew, but it made it so surreal and amazing. We are going back in 4 weeks for the 2D u/s with a 3D/4D peek.  22 weeks is when they start the detail 3D/4D pics 🙂 


11 weeks down, 29 to go!

So crazy that in a week, I will be in my 2nd trimester!  I don’t think I have let myself read that far in any of the pregnancy books so this will be exciting!!

We are going to tell the rest of our friends and family soon and we are thinking about doing one of those coming out videos where we use flashcards and music to get the message across for our pregnancy announcement.  I wanted to include the 2 year struggle with infertility and IVF success.  I still am, but my mother almost sounded horrified at the thought of telling people.  She was afraid they would laugh at me or make fun of me.  I think the world has changed since her day and people will see it as something special.  I worked my ass off to get pregnant.  I didn’t just have a sip of a wine cooler and get knocked up.  My struggle is something I am proud of.  I want to show my child how wanted they were and how hard we fought for them.  

What do you ladies think?  Did you tell people about your infertility struggles?  Would you?  Especially in the birth announcement?





Image Today is 10w2d of my pregnancy 🙂


Baby is measuring 10w4d.  Heartbeat is 180bpm.  I saw the gorgeous heartbeat!  The tech took forever to start talking.  She just kept measuring during the sonogram and I couldn’t see anything yet.  Eventually I just burst out and asked what she saw!  She was looking at my ovaries.  I’m like,  I know my ovaries are fine.  I am VERY familiar with my ovaries!!!!  Do you see a baby?!  She laughed and said she did, but she wanted to get the rest of the scan done first before we focused on the baby.  Then I had to explain to her why I am extra anxious.  Our long wait and all of the trying with infertility.  

I should mention, I have to go to the hospital to see my doctor since his actual office is like 45 minutes from my home yet the hospital is pretty much across the street.  So I was there with every type of person there for any kind of radiology.  Much different than the dainty and private fertility clinic!  


The nausea left for a couple of days, but it came back over the weekend!  It’s not as strong and I am very thankful that it’s back!  The ob says that after the 11th week, the nausea dissipates.  So for the 2nd trimester, I bought a Sonoline B Fetal Doppler.  We heard the heartbeat with it and it was awesome 🙂