Frosty Day, Frosty Transfer

My frozen embryo transfer is this morning. My bladder is full and I am nervous. I have been through a transfer before, but I’m still nervous. I am in a shared room this time with one of the ladies I always see in the waiting room at the re office. There is just a curtain separating us. She is here for a donor embryo transfer and her father is with her. She is ten years older than me. I realize how lucky I am. I have my loving and funny husband right here holding my hand. So I am trying to not giggle or be cutesy just out of respect for her. I couldn’t imagine going through this without my hubby. She must be very strong and want this.

I am nervous. Still hopeful. And quite happy. I believe that today will be a good day. We are going to experience Christmas in downtown Chicago.


Want to hear something so funny it’ll make you pee your pants? I peed on the transfer table right before my FET………

I had already let a little out while I was waiting, I have good stopping power. But I guess I drank too much because once I got to the room, I was in agony. The table had a wee wee pad on it. They are like a huge and flat maxi pad. So as soon as I laid down, I knew it was going to happen. There were several nurses in there and when I said I was going to wet myself, they tried to sit me up and that is when it happened! It was not ALL of it, I can stop it, but I guess that little bit was just not staying in any longer. I was mortified. I ran to the bathroom and let just a bit more out, since, you know, I kinda just left my embryo in the other room!!!! The nurses were all really sweet about it and had already changed the pad by the time I got back and the doctor didn’t even mention it. The one good thing about it is that my bladder was still full and I was able to lay down for 10 minutes afterwards which was my goal this time.

The embryologist said the embryo was of high quality and looked like it had never been frozen at all  That made me feel great! I was actually really worried about the thawing, but only because that’s the one part of IVF I hadn’t been through yet.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elisha
    Dec 13, 2013 @ 13:33:15

    oh goodness I would have had to laugh at myself and then peed more all the way to the bathroom. hehehe! I’m saying lots of prayers for you 🙂


  2. NotSoNewtoIVF
    Dec 16, 2013 @ 03:54:17

    Glad it all went well despite the weeing!


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