Day 1 (Sort of)

I have been meaning to post.  No really!  I have just gotten busy at work since my boss decided to get married and leave me in charge for a week.  Managing a bunch of high schoolers is what I feel like I am dealing with.  Don’t take the day off, tell me you are so sick and then spend the entire day playing Final Fantasy online where people can see you.  And don’t say you have a headache, leave in the middle of the day and then post on facebook about how much you hate your job and just can’t be there any more.  (This person submitted their resignation a few days later).  

But on the infertility front, not much movement.  They finally got my cycle approved through the insurance (a bit of lag time since they are about to switch locations and are packing up everything.  WHY ME) and then they needed medical clearance from my psychiatrist.  So they called me on Friday to let me know to stop the BCPs on 10/15 which is today.  I am supposed to start stimming on 10/20 with Menopur.  I say supposed to because I STILL haven’t heard from the pharmacy about sending out my meds.  I called the doctor’s office today and the nurses said they requested it today.  I really really really hate it when people are inept or lazy at their jobs.  I’m pretty sure most women who go through IVF are educated and have some sense of this process.  So I don’t know how nurses get away with forgetfullness sometimes.

Anyway!  I have never used Menopur, so I am a bit nervous about that.  My first IVF cycle, which was cancelled due to OHSS, I used Lupron for a couple of weeks and then Follistim to stim.  I HATED the Lupron.  Headaches, Nausea and Hot Flashes.  CONSTANTLY.  I know my husband will be happy lol.  

My calendar (which I haven’t received yet, only heard about) has my possible Retrieval date as 10/31/13.  I KNOW, RIGHT?!!!  Would be kind of an awesome story to tell our child 🙂

I have no more sick days left at work, so I will have to get creative with my time off for the rest of the year.  I am also trying to continue to eat better.  The Paleo diet has recently been brought to my attention, I am still trying to get my husband on board.  I know it would be something we both have to do for it to be successful.  I have already started trying to limit my carb and gluten intake.  

I am in a MUCH better mood than I have been in past weeks.  I am by no means giddy, but the melancholy has lifted a bit.  I guess I have also just not been thinking about TTC.  I am not sure if it is because it has just become a normal part of our lives (to be a hormonal pin cushion) or if it because I am scared to think about it.  I don’t think it is because I don’t care.  I just really am scared to get my hopes up.  Now, this does not mean I am thinking negatively.  I fully believe and hope this IVF cycle will be successful, I am just scared to be let down.  


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  1. Deb
    Oct 15, 2013 @ 15:24:54

    I’ve used Menopur before (in combination with Lupron AND Gonal F). I did 75 units per day (1 vial of powder mixed with 1mil of saline). Didn’t notice too many side effects but the shots were my least favourite since the mixture was more viscous than the others. Be sure to ice beforehand, grab enough fat and inject slowly because it feels kind of gross.

    Good luck! I wish you a better cycle this time!


  2. jonsie13
    Oct 15, 2013 @ 22:49:23

    I also used menopur in combination with follistim. My side effects were not bad at all. I actually had an energy boost. I wish you the best!


  3. Alex
    Oct 16, 2013 @ 01:14:19

    I love the subtitle of your blog “My road to a baby or a house full of dogs” – I can SO relate. A few months ago DH said to me, well if this doesn’t work out we’ll just adopt (me: oh, sweetie – you’re so cute when you haven’t yet realized that adoption is EVEN MORE expensive than IVF!), and if that doesn’t work out we’ll just get a bunch of dogs. At the time I was so irritated because I felt that he didn’t GET that this wasn’t funny – however, in hindsight I so love him even more for what was obviously his attempt not just to make me laugh but also to say, I love you, I’m here, we’re in this together no matter what. Thank you for reminding me of this with your blog 🙂


  4. newtoivf
    Oct 16, 2013 @ 02:43:58

    Glad you’re feeling better lovely. Know what you mean about getting your hopes up – now we know how far there is to fall xx


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