Today was SUPPOSED to be the first day that I could take a home pregnancy test after the ER and ET that I was supposed to have.  I was really looking forward to surprising my husband on Father’s Day with a BFP.  But what if it had been a BFN?  I probably would have been just that much more crushed.  And any day that I get a BFP will be the most glorious day ever.  I don’t need some sentimental holiday for a BFP.  I’ll take a random Tuesday afternoon!

My cramping has gone down to almost nothing which is great and means that I don’t have a hernia.  But my old follicles won’t go down.  They are just hanging on.  But I didn’t ovulate since I started the BCP immediately after we cancelled.  But the BCP aren’t helping so the dr put me on Provera.  He was really concerned that I would have breakthrough bleeding and spotting and that I could take some estrogen if it bothered me.  He has told me this twice and I keep laughing each time.  I tell him that he has had me do many many more things that were more of an inconvenience.  He said it bothers some women.  My period has never bothered me or my husband.  Even when we were dating.  Ya just throw a towel down and get to business if you know what I mean.

Anyway!  Off to dinner with the in laws to Benihana.  I have been contemplating telling them about IVF.  I know they are curious about our trying and why I have been a moody, bitchy recluse lately.  We will see how the mood is.  I do know that they would be supportive.  And I need rides to RE appts sometimes 🙂

Happy Father’s day to all our Dads!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dogsarentkids
    Jun 16, 2013 @ 15:24:57

    We’re period sexers too lol. Not the first couple days when I feel crampy and like I’m ready to bash a head in, but after that I could really care less. As long as he doesn’t mind, I’m good.


  2. missymakes
    Jun 17, 2013 @ 11:48:32

    Ready for TMI-overload? Back in the days when we were TTC naturally and I knew my period was coming because I had started spotting, we’d occasionally do the deed on purpose to get things moving along. He’d call it “banging the period out of me.” Now that’s love. LOL


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