U/s update

Quick update before work.  The tech today was my normal tech and said I have a quite a few follicles over 20 and almost all the rest are 17 or more.  That is a DRASTIC difference than what the other tech told me yesterday.  The lady today took her time where the other tech rushed.  So anyway, that’s great news about the follicle size!  I stopped the follistim last night and this means that they kept growing.  I will hear from the doctor this afternoon with my results.

I fell really nauseous this morning, but that could be because I need to eat.  I drank tons of Gatorade last night and felt super bloated but I peed SOO much over night, I woke up feeling much lighter and less uncomfortable.  So, yay 🙂  I am still very concerned about my E2 / Estrodiol levels, but I will keep believing that they are in a safe range.  

My hubby and I had the sex last night.  I feel bad saying it, but my main motivation was because we hadn’t had sex since Friday and I wanted his swimmers to be fresh for this Friday.  And it didn’t help that I was a mega bitch last night and we had a huge fight.  Right as we got into bed, still angry, I let him know that we needed to have sex.  I tried to be kinda sexy about it, but with the anger and bloating, it was not the right time for me, but hubby was up and ready if you know what I mean.  Just by me mentioning it! I do love him for still getting all hot and bothered by me after 8 years 🙂  So we did it in the away facing position, which is normally our go to because I love it and it gets the most penetration.  And also because I didn’t want him on top with me being bloated and me on top was out of the question because I was bloated and just would not have given it my all.  Is this TMI?  Ah well.  But OMG it hurt so much!  We had to go super super super slow.  I felt bad, and so did my hubby, which made for an even less romantic mood lol.  But we pushed through and I didn’t totally hate it.  I never can with him.  

So I am still worried about OHSS, but as long as it is not severe, I would prefer to go ahead with the Fresh Embryo Transfer.  We will still freeze the rest, but we cannot use the Frozen Embryos until we pay almost $1000 for the process.  So that would take us at least 2 months to pull together unless we just ate Ramen for a month.  

Thank you everyone for your support.  It meant so much to me reading that first thing in the morning.  It lifted my mood immensely.  I’ll keep you all updated today.  Trigger shot tonight, hopefully!  Fingers crossed!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. barrenandunemployed
    Jun 05, 2013 @ 08:50:47

    Great news on your follicles this morning! (Isn’t it frustrating when the different technicians tell you different things that don’t really jive with each other?) Fingers crossed your estrodiol levels!!!


  2. missymakes
    Jun 05, 2013 @ 17:14:20

    So glad to hear that your follicles are doing great! You’re a couple weeks ahead of me in your IVF cycle. I’m following you now and I’ll be checking in to see how everything goes!


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