Follistim Stimulation: Day One


Am I freaking out a bit?  Yes.  I did the Clomid a few times before I tried it with IUI, so I knew what to expect.  Now, I am in the big leagues.  Follistim w/ IVF.  I didn’t do injectables with IUI because my RE was worried about Multiples.  I have felt “normal” for a week now.  My body finally got used to the Lupron.  Now….Follistim.  I’m nervous.  Can you tell?

Today is Memorial Day so the Hubby is out there cooking every kind of meat you can think of.  The only person we are having over is my mother.  I really couldn’t deal with entertaining a crowd today.  Oh, and did I mention that my In-Laws are moving in my condo building?  Talk about stress.  They can be very sweet, but his dad can be an egotiscal moron who thinks he knows everything.  A couple of months ago he actually had the nerve to ask where his grandkids were.  THEN, he actually said, “You know, there is only a certain time a month that a woman can get pregnant.”.  As you can imagine, I almost screamed at that.  But, as my husband says, we will have even more babysitters nearby.  Oh yeah, my husband’s Aunt and Uncle live in the building as well.  I know, it’s like “Everybody Loves Raymond” up in here. lol

Any advice on the Follistim Pen and the injections themselves would be awesome from anyone who reads this 🙂  I have been watching videos online so that I can get the hang of it.  I didn’t go to any classes for this or even see a demo live.  I am worried about over stimulation and bruising and even moreso about the side effects.  Nausea, headache or moodiness.  Luckily, I am caught up at work, so hopefully I will be more calm at work.

I will admit, I have NOT had a decrease in my libido.  Now, it could be because my hubby is one sexy piece of ass, or it could be because I am always naturally horny.  I also heard that Lupron dries you out down there, but I did not notice a big difference.  Didn’t even have to break out the Astroglide. We have been together for 8 years and married for 5 years and our sex life is just as good or better than it was when we first met at 21 yrs old.  Apparently we cannot have sex after the HCG shot.  Poor hubby.  But fortunate for him, I don’t stick by the whole definition of “sex”.  There are many other things we can do other than vaginal intercourse.  But I think I will have to hold myself back more than my husband will to stay away from my lady parts.  Is this too much information?  Probably lol

I realize how incredibly fortunate I am to be able to have this opportunity.  Ten years ago and for hundreds of years before that, women just had to deal with infertility due to either the lack of science or lack of money.

As you can probably tell by my post, my thoughts are everywhere and I sound like a raving lunatic preacher in the middle of Times Square.  That is the Lupron.  I cannot function in a normal conversation without losing track and then becoming super awkward.  I also normally have an awesome memory, but now I am literally at a loss for words in midsentence a lot.  But I am not queasy, so I will take what I can get!

I am also nervous because I can see and feel myself getting very hopeful and happy about this cycle.  I have been at this hopeful stage before and it is so scary.  But I want to be hopeful.  The come down would be terrible from this high, but I have to have faith.  I believe that we will get pregnant and stay pregnant from this cycle.  That is SOO terrifying to say.

Baby Dust to all of you from me 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lisaliteration
    May 28, 2013 @ 10:08:22

    The Follistim was one of my “favorite” injections because I thought the pen was pretty easy to use, and the needles were so tiny I never had any bruising or other negative side effects that I can remember. The only annoying things with the Follistim were the fact that I usually had to give myself 2 injections because I had the 300 unit cartridges. Also, a few seconds after I pulled the needle out, the injection site would start stinging. No biggie though. Good luck with the rest of your stimulation!


    • jaygore
      Jun 04, 2013 @ 07:55:35

      Honestly, it might be one of my favorites as well! Lupron gave me crazy side effects, but the Follistim is simple and quick. I have zero bruising and it barely stings. Thank goodness for the thin needles! Thank you and fertile thoughts to you!


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