Scary Good

Okay, I might try to split this in to multiple posts since I have so much to say but I, myself, have ADD and can’t read other long blog posts. I guess I have also been apprehensive about writing. Not sure why. I guess I got used to not keep up since I was son insanely busy at work, but now I am all caught up and extremely proud of myself!  I have had a tough time remembering things, which I heard is a side effect of the Lupron.  It is very annoying because I will lose my train of though in mid-conversation.  Kind of makes me sound like an idiot so I try not to talk outloud.

So first, quick timeline:

Started BCP at the end of April and I just took my last one on 5/18/13 (Last Saturday).

Started Lupron 10u in am on 5/5/13 (Cinco de Mayo!)
I got violently nauseous for 5 days straight. Not vomiting but just as bad. I couldn’t see straight and I had to even take a day off of work, which I never do. It was that bad. I called my Dr. and demanded something Rx for the nausea and he prescribed something that worked in 30 minutes! I only had to take them for 2 days. I learned that I need to NOT give myself the shot and I need 1 hour of sleep after the shot. Which means hubby injects me in my sleep at 6am 🙂 He is a great guy.
So then the 2nd week of Lupron. I’m not nauseous! Yay! I just have the fucking migraine from hell! I couldn’t see straight. I wore sunglasses at work and an ice pack was at my temples for most of the week. No amount of Aleve would help. Finally this past Sunday, it went away. I think it was because I stopped the BCP.
So I should be good, right? Haha, think again. I hurt my back on Saturday. I have a herniated disc and arthritis in my lower back and have been doing well the past couple of months. Now? Yeah….I couldn’t walk 3 feet on Sunday. Oh, and it hurt to sit, stand and lay down. I went to work on Monday because I didn’t want to waste another sick day and staying at home didn’t make it any better. I texted my Chiropractor and he saw me after work. He gave me a new movement that I can do any where and it has greatly helped. So my back is a little sore, but I am better.

So that was a fun 3 weeks.

My calendar said that I needed to schedule an ultrasound and bloodwork for 5/22/13. I called the nurse last Friday but I heard nothing back. Then I called her line again on the 21st and it was a recording telling me to page the doctor. The doctor called me back and apparently his nurse quit on him at the last minute. So he was stuck trying to find someone to replace her and schedule his 40 patients that he has on this IVF cycle. So I scheduled the U/s and B/w for 5/22/13 which was yesterday.

Oh how I have missed that vaginal ultrasound wand. At 7:00am no less lol. But it was a good outcome. NO CYSTS 🙂 ! I haven’t had any issues with cysts in the past, but it was still something I was worried about with the injectables. The dr. called me that night with the OKGO for starting the Z-pac with my husband. We started the antibiotics last night.

Day 1 of the stims: This upcoming monday, 5/27/13, is the first day of the Follistim injections. 300iu in the abdomen in the pm. And the Lupron goes down to 5u in the am. Then I do the stims with U/s every other morning or so until the day of the Egg Retrevial.

This all still seems somewhat surreal. I see all of these wonderful, pregnant, IVF bloggers on my Reader. I am so happy for each of you! I know what it is like and your BFPs give me hope. I just can’t imagine what it is like to POAS and actually see two lines. I honestly can’t, I wouldn’t believe it. But I want to see it. I believe I will see the two lines. It’s scary to think that I could finally do it. Scary good 🙂


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  1. bebeparler
    May 24, 2013 @ 05:44:21

    You’re starting Monday! How exciting 🙂 Wishing you lots of luck and baby dust Hon. I’ll be cheering you from the sidelines!


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