2 Days to Go

A Husband's Guide to Artificial Babymakin'


So, we find out the results of our 2nd IUI attempt on Friday and we are trying our best to keep our hopes tempered.  If we are not successful and receive bad news, I just hope that it goes over better than the 1st time…

You see, my wife had the unfortunate luck of getting the call from our Fertility specialist’s assistant at 4:30pm one Friday back in January.  And if you ever get the worst news of your life at anytime during the day, getting it while you are at work and still have 30 minutes left is pretty much not one of the best times. 

Jaime’s hopes had been very high in the days leading up to getting the results, she even felt that some of the symptoms she was feeling (nasuea, tiredness, etc.) may have been signs of a successful IUI treatment.  But the crash that came…

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