I just finished my post and clicked over to facebook.  One of my exes NEW wife is pregnant.  They had pictures up of their baby shower.  So much for that happy feeling.  Just dealing with it.  And I am still not thinking about my 2WW.  I can’t let it get me down, but it is so not want I wanted to see.  


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  1. Thumbalina
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 07:38:56

    Ah, take time off Facebook if you can! I have been only going on if necessary (i.e if someone messages or posts something involving me) and I try not to “browse” my news feed. It has helped a LOT. I also deleted everyone I wouldn’t “go have coffee with”. … Some days I want to post how shitty infertility is, not so people can “watch” what they say and post, but maybe to spread some sympathy and awareness, or have people think twice when they continually ask when we are going to think about having children. Hormones + facebook = unnecessary amounts of anger and bitterness.


    • jaygore
      Mar 04, 2013 @ 08:51:14

      That’s a good idea. I definitely have pulled back in recent months on Facebook. I just check every now and then. I always want to post about infertility or reblog some if my stuff from here, but then I feel like it would set expectations. Are you pregnant yet? Ugh, I really limit who I tell that we are trying. Plus, it’s none of their business. When we first started trying I read that you should not tell anyone that you are TTC. I tell only a select few.
      I have to control my Facebook jealousy but I must admit, I have gotten those same feelings of jealousy when I see a pregnant dog.


  2. barrenandunemployed
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 11:56:48

    I feel your pain. I REALLY struggle with the constant pregnancy and baby posts on Facebook… and yet, I can’t stop checking the stupid site every five minutes…


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