In the garden

So first follicle checking u/s for this cycle on day 12. I have two 11-12 mm follies on my right and a few 7-9’s on my left. I know they need to be around 20 for the iui and they grow about 2mm a day.

Last cycle, I did not write this kind of info down anywhere. Kind of hard when your legs are above your head. So the tech gave me a printout of the numbers. Next time I will also ask for a scan of my follies that my hubby can see.

Last cycle, I had my iui on my exact 14th day. Which again is a Friday this cycle. I think I will have another u/s on Wednesday, the nurse hasn’t called yet.

My boss is starting to single me out for taking half days and leaving an hour early but skipping lunch. I use vacation hours for all of it and I give them at least 48 hr notice, but she feels it is a special privilege. So now I guess I will just completely call off when I have an appt.

At least the nurses and techs were much nicer today. I told my doctor’s nurse about the rudeness and she said it was a common thing at that office and she would talk to them. I guess it worked!


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