The Big “O” right after an IUI?

Well that was a crazy week.  Or maybe it was me who was crazy, but I made it!  I was a complete emotional wreck.

Anywho, I finished my last day of Clomid yesterday and then I have my 2nd ultrasound on Monday morning.  I think this time I am going to start keeping a record of the rate the follicles are growing.  I kind of feel like 1 cow in a herd that they just shove a wand up my Hoo-Ha, take some scans and then tell me to get dressed.  I am the kind of patient that likes to know what is going on and why.  But they look at me like I am crazy for caring.  Do other women go there and just read a magazine and figure everything happens like clockwork?

I haven’t seen my doctor since the IUI, but hopefully I will see him again before then.  I wanted to ask him if he thinks me having an orgasm right after the IUI would help.  They left the room for like 20 minutes after the last IUI.  So maybe my husband can give me a “hand”?  Talk about setting the mood.  I know it is urban legend or internet legend or even an old wives tale, but it can’t hurt, right? 🙂

I know that I want a child.  I feel the pull every time I see a child under the age of 14.  I just want to mother them and take care of them and see them grow.  I know I have maternal instincts, I always have.  But is it just me, or does the sound of a screaming baby or toddler in a restaurant still make you want to run for the nearest bottle of Jack Daniel’s?  That’s bad, right?  I know that you get the amazing and the terrible with all things motherhood.  But it is just that sound that makes me want to flee from that sound.

Okay, I think that was enough randomness in one post!  I will do my best to keep up with my thoughts and feelings everyday.  I feel that I process them so much more when I get them down in words and post them.  Then I can “self diagnose” myself when I read my posts and your comments.  Thank you for all the likes, follows and even a reblog!

I appreciate you all in advance



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