So I think I figured it out. The nurses only hate me because they hate my RE (reproductive endocrinologist). My paperwork was not there for a third time. The last two times the clinic would not let me do anything until the got the official paperwork. They rudely explained to me that they do not work for my doctor and that they are a clinic who runs the tests. This morning I get this entire lecture about how they should do anything without the request forms an if they don’t get the forms in 3 hours then they would throw my blood always and discard the ultrasound results. I am using their words. She repeated them to me twice. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes with the blood work AND ultrasound. I paged my doctor moments before I went in. And guess who’s paperwork was there when I got out? Yep.

Now I know my doctor does not have the most polite bedside manner or even small talk, but he is dry, witty and very informative. So I guess the nurses don’t like him much since they said this happens with his patients constantly. As if its my fault and I could have done more!!  But I am not mad at my nurse. She is very patient and kind with my million questions and mini freakouts. My husband asked if I would rather a boring and serious doctor who never made me laugh. And I said nope, I’ll keep my quirky RE team.


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