A cold but cheerful Saturday!

My birthday was awesome! And all thanks to my Hubby. Special breakfast, hour long massage at A fancy hotel downtown. Then we spent four hours at The Art Institute including lunch at the cafe. Then we went to dinner with my Mom to the Cheesecake Factory. Seriously, this may have been the best birthday ever. I think it was the massage.

We went for the blood test for my progesterone levels very early in the morning and the doctor didn’t call me until the evening. I did pretty well not thinking about it. Then when expecting a call from my mom I picked up the phone and exclaimed, “Hey Ma!”, without looking at the caller id. Then I heard my doctor’s very low and patient voice say my name questionably. I was so so embarrassed. But he completely understood. That why I like him. He is quirky and very sarcastic. Not everyone gets it. When my very nervous laughter calmed down he let me know that my progesterone levels were very good. This doctor does not give false hope or exaggerate so I was elated because this means I ovulated! This is the first real confirmation that I have had that I can ovulate so I was ecstatic! Granted I was on Clomid and did the HCG shot, but ovulation happened! That was an amazing birthday present in itself.

So I go for the blood pregnancy test next Friday on Feb 1st. Again, I am trying not to jump ahead of myself and think about it too much. I don’t think it is an immediate yes or no that morning. The doctor will have to call me. But would he tell me over the phone or would he ask me to come in person? I don’t know how I could just sit at work if it is a BFP. I would just be sobbing and giggling uncontrollably on every conference call. But either way, I just really want that BFP whether it be over the phone, in person or by carrier pigeon!

Right now my husband and I are at a blood donation at the football stadium in Chicago. You get a free tour and get to meet some Superbowl players too. I won’t be donating because with any chance I am pregnant, I don’t want to lose a pint of blood.

Gotta go, hubby is done bleeding!


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  1. o3broken
    Jan 26, 2013 @ 11:54:32

    We are stacking the deck, but you hold the right cards–i have hope when you don’t and when you do. Breathe easy in this hawk, brrrrr.


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