Hello there!  I am starting this blog because I need a place that I can go to where I won’t hurt anyone’s feelings and if I am judged by anyone, then I won’t care because I won’t know anyone who will read this.  But I do have the need to share my thoughts.  I have so many thoughts but I can’t go to facebook or twitter because it seems no matter what I say, someone’s feelings are hurt.  I realize that blogs can be very self-centric, so here I am.   I will keep this blog a secret so that I may always be 100% truthful.


I am married and I actually really love my husband (but we are no where near perfect).  I work full time in job recruiting.  I have back issues and we are trying for a baby but we have been having infertility issues.  Friends come and go and I am in between friends right now.  I think that is the barebones of what I will be talking about here.  

I hope that this will help me destress and perhaps entertain others.


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